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Dear Friends:


The Washington County Children’s Justice Center is celebrating 15 Years Serving Children and Families in Washington County! The first interview with a suspected child abuse victim was February, 1997.

Children's Justice Center of Washington County Original Building


At that time, we were located in a small home donated by Dixie Regional Medical Center. The local community stepped in and

made the Center a reality by contributing money and furnishings. It was anticipated we would serve

100 to 150 children per year, at most.


As years went by, and an average of 300 children were being interviewed each year it became clear that a larger facility was needed. Again, thanks to the generosity of the County’s citizens, money was raised, supplies and labor were donated and the current facility opened in April, 2008. It stands as tribute to our caring community that no public monies were used to fund the building, and it is mortgage-free!


Children's Justice Center of Washington County new building


It is heart-wrenching to see a young child, or a teenager, struggle to find words to describe the pain they have experienced at the hands of an adult or older child. We are grateful, however, that we have a local facility that can provide a safe, comfortable setting where professionals can sit with the child and their family members and obtain needed information and details. The process begins a path of healing for the child and the family.


We ask you to join with us as we celebrate our 15 year anniversary by making a donation that will ensure we will meet our operational and training needs for upcoming years.  All we have accomplished can be traced back to our community members and their consistent and generous support.


Donate now to the Children's Justice Center of Washington County


Thank you for your consideration, and your support of our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. We invite you to stop by the Center and take a tour or pick up resource materials if we can be of service to you.



Patricia Sheffield, M.S.



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Washington County Children's Justice Center


The Children's Justice Center is one of 20 homelike facilities across the state of Utah that serve children and families who are experiencing the crisis and chaos that comes with the disclosure of significant physical or sexual abuse and other crimes involving children such as domestic violence. The Center is designed to help children feel safe and comfortable so they may begin to deal with the difficult and often frightening issues that surround abuse.


Traditionally, investigation of child abuse required multiple interviews of the child victim by the police, social services, medical personnel, mental health professionals and attorneys. Each interview occurred at a different place and rarely in a setting that was familiar or comfortable for the child. The Children's Justice Center is place for the child with a homelike environment, where necessary interviews can occur in an atmosphere that is non-threatening to the child.


The goal is to provide a comprehensive and coordinated response in exploring allegations; to provide recommendations to parents regarding the safety or treatment needs of the child; and to stabilize the crisis often experienced by the family.



The Washington County Children's Justice Center staff is available to answer questions regarding alleged abuse, the legal system, and to provide prevention information.